About this blog

Hello and welcome to Conquest North West!

My name is Drew Anderson, and I live in the beautiful state of Oregon. It gets a little cold here as you might imagine, so a nice selection of coats, hats and gloves is always a necessity unless you plan on freezing to death!

I say that because I’m not native to the area, and I actually hail from Florida. Every now and then, I go back and visit of course because I still have lots of family and friends that live there.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about this amazing self-improvement and motivation blog I’m creating for your wet, gooey little eyes to take in!

Just what is it that I’ll be talking about here? Well, just about anything that’s positive, uplifting, and that helps you grow as a wonderful, productive individual!

Bruce Lee once said something about people flowing like water. If you stop flowing and moving, you become stagnant. Well, not on my watch. I try to live a drug and alcohol free life with as little temptation as possible.

Temptations are like little distractions, and even if you fight off the urge you’ve still wasted that little smidgeon of time thinking about doing something indulgent.

I’m all about having a zen atmosphere, and making everything about my home and office as comfortable and productive as possible. It’s just that so much is at stake in this life. So many good things can come out of the smallest little beginning.

Therefore, we must learn to trust our gut in relation to other people and things around us. That feeling is there for a reason, you know?

Listen to it. So that’s pretty much what you can expect to read about here on Conquest! Being a better person, being a smarter person, being a faster person.

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