What to do when you can’t make a change in life (IMPORTANT)

So I was talking to my friend Ray, owner of Limo PCB in Panama City, Florida. He’s a big inspiration to me in a lot of ways, and has successfully sought out positive change in his life for many years now.

We were talking about all those it seems like you just hit a wall. Your body and mind cries out for you to revert to old habits, and you feel like you just can’t make any gains.

In these times, it’s best to have somebody close to talk to about it. Obviously a life counselor would be amazing, but not everybody can afford a coach or psychologist’s hourly rate!

So that’s where a close friend can come in. No matter how “complicated” you may think your situation is, someone near you right now can help you think through it.

After all, the best teachers are the ones who can learn something from a child. The second we stop opening ourselves to help from the outside world is the exact moment we make everything more difficult on ourselves.

Fear of the unknown is something that holds many of us back, and we quickly make excuses for why something is “just not for us.”

Let’s look at some of these excuses and see if any ring a bell.

  1. If it’s not perfect, it’s not good enough. This is a classic, and so many successful will tell you to push through this feeling of dread. Start NOW, you’ll smooth out the details as you go along. We learn through making mistakes, and only by doing so. Make those small, important mistakes today.
  2. I’m just so overwhelmed with all this stuff! I for one really get this one. Learn to manage your time a little better. Take this bull by the horns and don’t stop pouring your energy into it until you see a change.
  3. I’m waiting on X so I can do Y. Other than the few obvious times when this is absolutely unavoidable, there is typically a way to speed things up. Are you waiting for an important email so you can write that report? Pick up the phone and request it politely. Check that one off your list, and move forward with the power of a freight train.
  4. I don’t know how! Again, this is something we all feel from time to time. But the desire to learn something alone is enough to get you started in the right direction. After all, a ten mile hike starts with a single footstep. As they say, fake it till you make it.

With that, I’ll leave you for today. In case you weren’t able to take a look, here’s yesterday’s blog post about creating your own secret morning ritual.

And just because he’s such a nice guy, here’s my friend Ray’s commercial for his Limo Service. I think he did a pretty darn good job.

See you around next time!

My name is Drew Anderson and I'm a manager at an accounting firm. I don't really see this as being my dream career, so I always look for ways to improve my life and find newer, more exciting opportunities.