The fabled morning ritual!

Hey again, guys! So after a little break for the new years, I’m back and ready to take on a whole slew of new articles.

Here we are in the year 2017, with no excuses for anything and no time to waste.

First, let’s take a quick look at what I talked about last time. I referenced Kosio Angelov’s very simple and effective day plan. It doesn’t matter how you plan for your day, as long as you do it. It has been statistically proven that those who set a time and place to complete a task are more likely to complete this task.

Keep this in mind, and move forward.

I also talked about constantly revisiting your checklist for the day periodically. A good starting place is at the completion of each task. Think about not only what you’ve accomplished so far, but why you’re doing those things.

Last but not least, take the end of the day to think look back over what you’ve accomplished. Did some tasks take longer than expected? Should you allow for more time next time?

Now that we’ve gotten our recap out of the way, let’s look at some of the things people do to build explosive energy so they can conquer their day.

  1. Smile as soon as you wake up. This is a great way to start your day! Not only does is give you a sense of happiness, smiling has been proven to release endorphines in the human body. There was even a study done among clinically depressed people that were drastically helped just by smiling in the mirror a certain number of times a day. Some of them even got off their medication!
  2. Breathe deeply, and use simple meditative practices to relax your brain. This typically includes counting your breaths backwards from fifty or so, and focusing on an inanimate object in your mind. In my experience, it’s better to pick an object that is familiar yet simple. Also it’s best to view it from one angle only, do not try to move it around in the early stages of developing your visualization ability.
  3. Be grateful. You may want more out of your life, out of your job… But don’t forget to be grateful for the things that got you where you are now. You’re on the right track. You’re thinking in the right direction. Keep this in mind and calm your mind.

Here’s a pretty amazing video about some ways you can prepare yourself for your day with a morning ritual.

My name is Drew Anderson and I'm a manager at an accounting firm. I don't really see this as being my dream career, so I always look for ways to improve my life and find newer, more exciting opportunities.