How to plan for your day in three steps

Hey there, guys! I would just like to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, regardless of religion or creed. I’m glad I got a little time to spend with my family, namely my mother and grandma. Sometimes life “gets in the way” of the things we want to do, so we just have to do our best to manage our time and make it all possible.

Which is what I’d like to talk about today!

But first, I’d like to briefly go over what we talked about last time.

Here’s the link in case you missed out.

I started to outline the sort of mindset you should have after waking up and physically preparing yourself to get up and be active.

I talked about utilizing the first ten minutes of your day to focus on something you’d like to make a permanent addition to your life, a ritual if you will.

This is crucial because the way you start your day will dictate the way you end it in a way.

So how can we prepare ourselves for excellence?

  1. First, you should sit down and iron out a quick plan for the day. I really like Kosio Angelov’s day plan, which includes your long term projects (get a better job, for example), desired outcome for each of those projects (Make an extra thousand dollars by February), your actions (apply for five new positions this week), and your most important task for the day (Revise my resume.)

However you choose to organize the tasks for your day, you just have to do it and stick to your list.

2. Next, it’s a good idea to bring yourself back in every so often and refocus on what it is you’re going to be doing next and what it’s going to do for you in the long run.

It’s always important to think about the fruits of your labor, and more importantly why it is that you’re doing the things you’re doing.

Do you want to send your parents on a cruise to thank them for all the help they’ve given you over the years? Do you want to help your grandma get a better car so she can travel the countryside before she can’t physically do it anymore?

That’s great. Use that as your little piece of cheese that baits you in the right direction.

3. And lastly, at the end of your day you should review the things you’ve done. This is important because you can see that you’ve done well or that you need to learn to perform some tasks more quickly.

My name is Drew Anderson and I'm a manager at an accounting firm. I don't really see this as being my dream career, so I always look for ways to improve my life and find newer, more exciting opportunities.