How to wake up earlier, part 3

So yesterday we spoke about four different ways to make an earlier wake up schedule a permanent part of your life.

Here’s the link to that article if you didn’t get a chance to read it.

Very briefly, I’d like to highlight those four key points so we can then move on.

The first and most important issue is making sure you get enough sleep. I cannot stress this enough as a tired mind will not be fit and ready with healthy decision making skills. So you want to get up earlier? Go to bed earlier, too.

Also, the snooze button is a no-no and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this elsewhere. It sets all kinds of psychosomatic triggers that lead your mind into thinking “Oh, God please give me fifteen more minutes!” So be sure and stay away from that bad boy, seriously.

I also talked about jumping out of bed. Get up and move immediately, don’t wait around for a sudden burst of energy because it probably won’t work that way. Go take a walk down the street if you must, or maybe even chug a bottle of water and take a shower!

And last but not least, make yourself excited about life! What’s your short-term goal? You want to work hard and save money for that skiing trip in Colorado? You want to get a raise at work? Well, focus on the things that make you excited because that is what is truly going to drive you.

So now that we’re having less problems with waking up, I’d also like to talk about what to do while in the process of starting your morning. Those first moments are absolutely crucial in setting your brain and subconscious to the tasks they are to perform, so don’t start with anything other than the absolutely most important parts of your life.

Spend the first five to ten minutes of your day doing something that you’d like to emphasize in your life. And don’t just do it today, make it a routine.

Ever heard of those morning rituals that ultra successful people tout so much? Well, that’s all for a reason! Getting the right start to your day can make sure that you not only continue the day that way, but that you also end it on that same positive note.

So what does that mean for you? That means no TV for those of you that are trying to get away from the tube and become a more proactive person.

If you’re looking for a healthier diet, start the day with a shake or maybe staying away from sweets. Are you trying to get more serious about that blog? Then spend the first few minutes of your day typing up some copy or making alterations.

My name is Drew Anderson and I'm a manager at an accounting firm. I don't really see this as being my dream career, so I always look for ways to improve my life and find newer, more exciting opportunities.